Wireless Receiver Testing

Recent MG-Pro wireless testing has yielded some information that may be useful to users. Testing was initialized to determine the usable range for a wireless spindle alignment inquiry. The PLS MG-Pro wireless receiver series is usable only with MG-Pro systems. The Wireless function must be user-enabled for a MG-Pro Display to receive data from the […] Read more ›

microgage bore receiver, bore alignment system

New Product Announcement: PRO Bore Receiver

Pinpoint is announcing its newest accessory, the Microgage PRO Bore Receiver. It is an innovative solution for precisely measuring the straightness of a tube or bore. The Bore Receiver was developed to meet the demands of our industrial customers, many of whom utilize manufacturing equipment with precision bores that require flexible, precise bore alignment to […] Read more ›

Pinpoint Laser Systems leveler brake

Featured Accessory: Leveler Rotational Mount

What it does Also known as the Leveler Brake, the Microgage Leveler Rotational Mount is the precision positioning accessory that sets a flat reference plane every time it’s used. Coupled with a laser transmitter, the mount is ideal for shooting planes and tracks, squaring machinery being assembled, and aligning assemblies with other assemblies. Using the […] Read more ›

alignment software capture

Pinpoint Laser Systems Announces Next Edition of Capture™ Data Accessory

The Next Edition of Pinpoint’s Alignment Software is Here With more power at a user’s fingertips, the enhanced features of the next generation of alignment software is well worth the wait. Pinpoint Capture™, for Microgage laser measuring and alignment systems, gives laser system operators quick and easy access to measurement readouts in real-time from as many […] Read more ›

4-axis mount

Precision Laser Positioning with a 4-Axis Precision Mount

See the 4-Axis Mount video in action: An accurate laser position is much easier to achieve with the right alignment accessories. In fact, machine and equipment alignment tasks as a whole becomes far simpler with the right products. For instance, take a 4-axis mount and bolt it to a machine or attach it to a […] Read more ›

New Product: Laser System Now Measures and Aligns Large Bores for Industry

Pinpoint Laser Systems, Inc. has just introduced an adjustable Bore Mount for checking and aligning bores, tubes and flanges on industrial machinery. Versatile measurements of bore concentricity, centerline, straightness, and position can now be made in the field with ease and precision. The Laser Microgage system in conjunction with the Bore Mount is ideal for […] Read more ›

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