Roll Alignment

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“How can I straighten rollers?”

Paper mills, steel mills, printing operations, precision foil operations and others often rely on web and roller processes to transport their product through various stages of the production process. Alignment of these rollers and guide systems is often crucial to keep product running smoothly and the production process on schedule. Aligning these rollers becomes cumbersome […] Read more ›

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Alignment

Alignment can feel like just another task. Take a break from the ordinary and see 6 interesting things about alignment that you probably didn’t know.   1.) Animals are concerned with alignment too. From amphibians to mammals, Magneto-reception is found in many animals. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, cows prefer to align their bodies […] Read more ›

Three Aspects of Roll Alignment

Roll and web alignment is necessary in order to efficiently operate equipment that contains rollers, idlers, press drums, and web handling systems. Proper alignment improves productivity, creates better finished products, and reduces production downtime. There are 3 primary aspects of roll alignment: Checking Roll Profile The profile of a roller can be easily checked using […] Read more ›

Roll and Web System Alignment Using a Laser

You never want to hear a plant manager yell, “Stop the line!” It most likely means that the machine is out of alignment or defective product is coming off the line.  Perhaps a thin film is being drawn too tight on one side and is wrinkling, or the material running through the machine is not […] Read more ›

Don’t Let Poor Roll Alignment Ruin Your Product

Many manufacturing companies depend on production equipment with rollers, idlers, winders, take up rolls, dryer rolls, press rolls and countless other rolling parts. Keeping all of these machinery elements in true alignment to the machine and to each other can be a daunting task. Why is this so important you ask? As a sheet of […] Read more ›

Download the New Pinpoint Laser Systems Whitepaper: Roll and Web Alignment

“Roll and Web Alignment” is the newest installment in the Pinpoint Laser Systems Alignment and Measuring Whitepaper Series. Many manufacturing facilities operate equipment that contains rollers, idlers, press drums, and web handling systems. The alignment of rolls and web systems is necessary to achieve efficient operation, improve productivity and reduce production downtime. This whitepaper explains […] Read more ›

What Alignment Problem Can We Help You Solve?

Recently, Pinpoint Laser Systems developed two new Laser Microgage mounts that can accommodate bore diameters as large as 3 feet and as small as 2 ½ inches for a large shipyard installing drive shafts.  The Laser Microgage projects a visible reference beam that extends out to 180 feet and is accurate to within 0.0005 inch […] Read more ›

Aligning Spindles, Chucks, Tool Holders, and Tailstocks with a Laser

Rotating machinery works best, runs more efficiently, and produces better quality parts if it is properly aligned. Frequently, we hear from customers that are voicing concerns about lathes where the chuck or collet is not in alignment with the tailstock or the tool holder and the cut parts are tapered. Sometimes, the tool moves in […] Read more ›

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