Don’t be intimidated. Take it out of the box and use it in minutes

When we talk to your colleagues and other industry professionals, we get a lot of: “How difficult are [laser alignment systems] to use?” With a lot of work, we have created new and very intuitive alignment systems (and even accessories!) that have resulted in great referrals from our customers.

We sell actual solutions that your team, and even your customers, will notice. Our aim was to get the word out that we understood the Intimidation Factor but, at Pinpoint, we don’t just sell alignment systems.

So, we set to getting the word out on the ease of using our products but why not find out first hand yourself? We offer free, NO sales pressure, custom alignment and measurement demos.

The Pinpoint vision is to get your business as close to automating your alignment process as possible. By streamlining the way your team works with laser alignment and by offering industry leading Technical Support, we empower your team’s agility and reliability to enhance ALL your alignment projects.

If you are wondering about formal training, we offer it, if necessary, but most don’t need it. Plus we provide unlimited tech support over a conference call, via email, and through live chat and online training sessions.

We want you to spend time working with the alignment system, rather than learning how to use it.

See why Pinpoint is trusted by over 200 well-known and respected companies and what advantages await your team.

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