Repurposing and Reusing – Expand the Use of your Alignment System

Is your Microgage system being used in all the ways you need and want? If the answer is no, it might just be time to start using it more frequently. Pinpoint sells laser alignment systems to customers in a multitude of industries allowing us to hear and see first-hand how people use our systems and accessories. Moreover, because our alignment and measurement tools are customizable, the versatility of our units is expanded tenfold.

It’s fascinating to see the same technology used in pet food extruder alignment that is also used to align propeller shafts on a ship. Did you know that with a custom mount or by adding a custom shaped laser to one of your pre-existing machines, you can change the types of alignment data that your team has been capturing? Perhaps you don’t need to measure for level or flatness and you simply need to check rails for straightness. The Pinpoint system that your company purchased is the same technology that checks for straightness of conveyor assemblies and massive gantry rail alignments around the globe. Use Pinpoint’s technology to its full capacity to get your team achieving its goals.

Expand the use of your current alignment system

The point of using your alignment system to encompass additional tasks – no matter how big or small, standard or unique – is to teach your team how to get the most out of the investment that you have made with Pinpoint Laser Systems. For those who work on production lines, employ an unused alignment system to ensure line straightness and production efficiency. A Microgage PRO alignment could work just as well on aligning long rails and tracks as it would on aligning machine tools. Whatever the alignment task, consider your laser alignment system for retrieving measurement data. Large or small components on a fuselage or mill are still parts that must be attached with proper alignment. Milling machines and turning centers both benefit from alignment and will do better work when properly maintained.

When do you know it’s time to upgrade?

If you have had a Microgage laser alignment system for some time and your team is looking for more alignment answers like, “What do I do with my alignment data after I’ve spent all this time collecting it?” consider an upgrade. Most Microgage systems are easy to upgrade and new and improved accessories would also be available to your team as well. Step-by-step instruction could be at your fingertips and alignment data would be at your disposal. Maybe you don’t need to upgrade, but your team simply could benefit from alignment accessories or alignment software that gives you better control of aligning and measuring…

Spare parts, custom alignment accessories and more

You may need some spare parts for painstaking tasks that go above and beyond your typical workload. Pinpoint can provide you with those, even if the pieces need customization. The spare or custom-built parts would be Made in the USA and pair perfectly with you Microgage alignment system.

Call us for more ideas on how to put your laser alignment system to good use.

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