Featured Application: Squareness/Perpendicularity

Remember in math class when your teacher scolded you for assuming an angle was 90 degrees? Right angles are very important to us too! There is no guesswork in anything we do. We analyze and verify everything before we execute which shows in the accuracy of our alignment systems. If an angle is not properly perpendicular or square, we know almost down to the arc-second how out of tolerance the angle is. The great news for your team is that Pinpoint technicians and engineers understand that the last thing you need when producing parts and relying on quality is an angle untrue to its requirement. In order to get accurate squareness, precise alignment data is needed.

So how do you get the precision alignment data? Easy, use the 90-Line Right Angle Beam Bender. The 90-Line is placed into the beam path of a laser transmitter. From there, the laser beam is redirected to a precise right angle from the original laser beam path. The 90-Line has an internal optical element called a penta-prism that reflects the laser at precisely 90 degrees to the incoming laser beam, regardless of the orientation of the 90-Line housing. Measurements are made by first aligning the laser to a central machine axis or along a reference path. Placing the 90-Line into the laser path redirects the laser beam off at a right angle so that other assemblies can be positioned and aligned squarely to the original laser path. The nosepiece of the 90-Line will also turn so that you can direct the laser through a full plane that is perpendicular to the original laser path. Several 90-Lines can be used in combination to redirect the laser around an alignment area.

Now, when Pinpoint brings up the squareness application, we’re talking about using laser alignment systems to square machines and production equipment. For your team, this could mean ensuring that linear, stacked stage systems are perfectly squared or that tracks and assemblies are appropriately parallel to one another. Here’s how Pinpoint approaches what your team needs:

We help you understand the goals of what you need to accomplish in regards to using a laser alignment system.

You can just start measuring and aligning, but is your team doing it in the most efficient way? Work with Pinpoint’s alignment specialists to find out what the solution is! When you call us on the phone, we ask, “What is your application? How are you using your current alignment method?” We ask this because we take your measurement projects seriously and these questions are the cornerstone for fitting your team with the right alignment process and tools. Once the alignment process is uncovered, the alignment specialist will have a great understanding of how to best capture machine squareness.

We deliver the right alignment system for your team.

Once we provide your system, we train your team how to capture perpendicular and squareness measurements. Read the Squareness Application Note for an in-depth look. For other alignments and solutions, please call us at 800-757-5383 or email us.

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