Journey to the Center of a Bore – Pinpoint’s New Bore Alignment Kit

That’s one of the areas bore alignment concerns – finding and measuring center. Applications for laser bore alignment systems include bore straightness checks on individual components, boring-bar bearing alignment, crank-shaft bore alignment, extruder barrel alignment, tail-rotor bearing alignment on helicopters, bar-turning machines, stern tubes in ship building, aluminum can making machinery and hinge-line alignment for commercial jets. As you can tell, there are very few bore alignment solutions that Pinpoint has not seen in the last 25 years. In fact, if you don’t see your specific application listed here, we would love to hear from you! Call us at (978) 532-8001 or email us and our Alignment Specialists will work with you to solve your alignment issues.

Microgage PRO Bore Alignment Kit

PRO Bore Alignment Kit

Enough of our customers have expressed an interest in finding center for extruder barrel alignment, crank-shaft and engine bore alignment, prop shaft and turning centers… that Pinpoint is pulling back the curtain on a new specialized kit and letting customers know how exactly to measure from center.

The foundation of the kit contains the laser transmitter, digital receiver and the portable 2D display [the PRO version of the kit comes with the Smart Display]. The support beams of the kit are the adjustable mounting base, alignment routines and a USB interface and the Pinpoint Capture™ alignment software. The custom-built specialty items in the PRO and 2D Bore Alignment Kit include:

  • 4-Axis mount4-axis mount
  • Adjustable Tripodpinlaser-137-img
  • Two variable size bore mounts:Pinpoint bore receiver
    • One for 2-6” D bores
    • One for larger sizes

If you choose a custom-built solution, the contents of the kit can be modified. Simply call us and talk to an Alignment Specialist to see what can be done for your team.

If aligning extrusion barrels, presses and rams describes a typical job for your team, Pinpoint’s Bore Alignment Kit has your answer. The laser transmitter contains a cylindrical laser reference beam that projects to a digital receiver held via a versatile bore mount. The shaft or bore mount versatility allows the measurer to maneuver the digital receiver through a bore tube or to hold the receiver in place outside the shaft for precision alignment. The alignment readings captured are transmitted to the portable Smart Display. So the laser beam adapts to bores ranging in size and displays alignment readings as small as 0.0001 (2.5 microns) inch.

Once the measurement is defined, the measurer is guided by the adjustment needed to reach peak performance. With a measurement range of over 150 feet, the PRO and 2D Bore Alignment Kits offer flexibility. Using the customizable fixtures and alignment accessories make for a number of ways to retrieve alignment data making these bore kits truly versatile and flexible. With the latest version of Capture™ alignment software now available, users go beyond relying on only a typical computer interface and can store thousands of readings on standard applications and programs like Microsoft Excel etc. The systematic instructions of the highly intelligent 2D and PRO Alignment Kits give your team the option to finely tune how you align bores and screws.

Maybe bore alignment or defining the alignment of precision screws is a new endeavor for your team? Pinpoint’s PRO and 2D Bore Alignment Kits are able to align shafts, or bores, as efficiently as any other arduous alignment project. Should you need help, Pinpoint’s Technical Support team is available for any assistance in working with the compact and portable Bore Kit, though such an easy to assemble kit seldom requires Tech Support considering the set up and take down occur within reasonable amounts of time.

Looking for something custom? We've got you covered.

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