Pinpoint Laser Systems 3D Printing PPE Face Shields for Local Hospitals

Photo From The Prusa 3D Team

Pinpoint Laser Systems is teaming up with builders, designers and engineers from across the region to join a worldwide movement of people using 3D printers to meet a shortage of face shields for hospital staff on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the now pandemic Coronavirus takes hold over the globe, we see countries implementing travel restrictions, social distancing measures, and work from home policies. Even the more developed countries are seeing their healthcare systems overloaded and fatigued by COVID-19.

To help fill the shortage of PPE, Pinpoint Laser Systems has taken its 3D printing resources from prototyping products to printing pieces FDA approved face shields. Since mid-April, the company has been printing mask and shield designs to donate to the Massachusetts local chapter branch of Masks for Docs . In the past two weeks Pinpoint Laser Systems has been able to print and deliver many face mask to the drop off in Brooklyn Massachusetts, from there the Mask For Docs team will distribute the donations to the hospitals and health care workers in their area.

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