Microgage PRO-duct Enhancement

At Pinpoint Laser Systems, we pride ourselves on engineering some of the most capable laser alignment and measurement systems available. Even after introducing a system or accessory product into the market, we continue to research and develop improvements to further enhance our product line. The most recent product enhancement to come out of our Engineering department is the new Microgage PRO stand.

The new stand for the Microgage PRO is a free product enhancement for all Microgage PRO system owners and will be a standard feature on all Microgage PRO systems moving forward.

In addition to the ability to stand the Microgage PRO in an upright position, this new feature has additional benefits including more ergonomic viewing angles and the ability to press commands while erect as opposed to only when hand-held or lying down flat.

pinpoint laser systems' microgage pro fabricated stand

The stand is designed to have no visible hardware as they are attached (screwed) on from the inside of the system. There is also an embedded magnetic catch inside the rear cover that attracts and secures the stand as soon as the unit is picked up. This feature is especially helpful in keeping the stand out of the way when being used in-hand and for preventing the stand from releasing at undesirable times.

Product enhancements can be performed for the Microgage PRO during a system calibration or RMA, or as a standalone service, although not explicitly recommended. However, any PRO unit that is sent in solely for the stand enhancement should have an updated RMA issued for the return in order for manufacturing to track the items properly.

pinpoint laser systems' microgage pro stand

Turnaround time for the update is about 1-2 days on their own, however PRO systems sent in for product enhancements along with calibration and/or repairs will be given a timeframe after evaluation of the system can be performed.

Call Pinpoint Laser Systems today at (978) 532-8001 or email us at info@pinpointlaser.com to receive your free Microgage PRO product enhancement!

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