Pinpoint Launches the Microgage PRO Plus



Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced a unique new versatile Laser Microgage PRO Plus for precision measuring, machine alignment, calibration, and other demanding industrial applications. Aligning and checking roll and web lines, CNC cutting and milling equipment, lathes, stamping presses, injection molding machines, extrusion systems, and other production equipment are easily measured and monitored for improved operating efficiency and reduced downtime with this new Microgage. The new Microgage PRO Plus is compact, easy to set up and use right on the factory floor.

The Microgage PRO Plus sets a new standard for ease of use with a selection of add-on accessories for easily adapting to a variety of industrial measuring and alignment needs. The system is battery-operated and includes 3 primary components with 3 primary components; a laser transmitter, a digital receiver, and a high-tech, “smart display.” A precise laser reference beam forms a straight datum line for a machine or assembly and each receiver measures in two axial directions, horizontal and vertical (X & Y). The path length of the laser can be a few inches up to 165 feet (50 meters) and the high-definition graphical touchscreen display provides accurate readings as small as 0.0001 inch (2.5 microns). Intelligently designed precision digital receivers are available, in a variety of configurations, including convenient wireless options that improve measuring range and flexibility. A powerful onboard microprocessor provides step-by-step instructions for the user and allows for the storage of measurement readings with notes, that are easily uploaded to a laptop or PC running Pinpoint’s popular Capture program and embedded Excel spreadsheets for plotting, analysis and storage.

Adding other Microgage accessories enables the user to measure and align shafts, bores, machinery flatness, squareness, parallelism, spindles, and many other geometric alignments. The Microgage PRO Plus is the laser alignment tool of choice for professionals responsible for installations, machinery and equipment repair, maintenance applications, and much more. Pinpoint’s C.E.O. remarked, ” We listened to hundreds of customers and designed the Microgage PRO Plus to be the next generation in practical, easy-to-use industrial alignment tools. Our upgraded ‘smart display’ brings the convenience and technology of a smartphone right to the factory floor.”



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