Spindle Alignment Made Easy with New PRO Spindle Kit


Pinpoint Laser Systems® is launching the Microgage PRO Spindle Alignment Kit allowing rotating machinery and turning systems to be properly aligned in less time and at a lower cost than current aligning methods. Machine shops, manufacturing plants, and factories will benefit from this versatile, turnkey kit as it makes short work of checking concentricity on CNC turning centers, lathes and mills. In addition to measuring parallelism, wear and tear on boring equipment, spindle and lathes can be checked too. Operators looking to quickly monitor or improve manufacturing and process efficiency can reduce machine down time and production costs with the help of the Microgage PRO Spindle Kit.

View the PRO Spindle Kit data sheet.

The Microgage Cylindrical laser transmitter easily fits into a machine chuck or spindle. The tailstock, or similar device, holds the digital receiver to capture the measurement readout on the portable Smart Display. The hi-definition, touchscreen Smart Display uses color alignment data readouts for easy user visibility. (The cylindrical laser’s position shows a digital reading for the X-Y measurements in relation to the position of the digital receiver.) When the digital receiver is moved, the alignment readings change based on the receiver movement. The internal program provides operator instructions and can be used to record thousands of alignment readouts and notes.

In just a few easy to learn steps, machine parallelism and alignment can be checked to a resolution of 0.0001 inch or 0.003mm. Any drilling system or turning production equipment would benefit from this kit that measures precise alignments where it’s needed.

All parts are manufactured in the United States. Free demos are available upon request. Simply call Pinpoint Laser Systems at 800-757-5383. Do you have questions about the PRO Spindle Kit? Please email us today for more information. For an alternative, check out the 2D Spindle Kit as well.

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