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We often receive inquiries from companies who are looking for help in developing a custom solution for a particular application. These inquiries come from both existing customers looking to perform additional duties with their Pinpoint systems and new companies looking to improve their manufacturing efficiency for the first time. We take pride in helping companies develop customized solutions when our standard products, in and of themselves, aren’t a viable solution for their particular application requirements.

Below is Pinpoint’s streamlined process for helping customers create customized solutions that work for their specific industrial application needs, and what you can expect should the need ever arise.

1. Inquiry – The inquiry phase of the process begins with the initial request regarding the need for a custom solution. The team at Pinpoint will work closely with you and your team to comprehend the problem at hand in its entirety. This may include a combination of phone calls, video conferences, and inspecting photos and/or videos of your machinery or equipment. The inquiry phase concludes with our engineers having a firm understanding of the application and the desired outcome.

2. Discovery – The second part of the process involves our team of engineers brainstorming all possible solutions to overcome your issue. Our team can either solely develop a solution for you, or work collaboratively with your team of engineers to determine the most practical option. We have previously worked in both manners, and leave the decision up to our customers – whichever works best for you.

3. Proposal – The proposal step comes after the customer and the engineers at Pinpoint Laser Systems have considered all possible solutions, and have agreed upon a single solution to best address the need. Our team of engineers will create a proposal outlining your custom solution, and how it will fit into your existing operations.

pinpoint custom alignment fabrication

4. Fabrication – This part of the process is where either Pinpoint Laser Systems or the customer modifies an existing product or develops a new, customized product based off of the agreed upon solution, which is outlined in the proposal. Whether you choose to fabricate the solution yourself in-house or would prefer Pinpoint to develop the product, we aim to make the entire process an engineering oriented exploration in order to produce the desired results.

5. Support – After fabrication comes the time to put your system or product into use. If needed, we can help you determine how to best retrofit the customized solution into your existing operations. If you do not need assistance in this manner, one of our engineers will follow up with your team to ensure the solution properly addresses the initial problem and is working as expected.

If you have any questions about our process or would like to inquire about a customized solution for your company, please don’t hesitate to call us at 978-532-8001 or email us at info@pinpointlaser.com to get started today.

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