Leveler Rotational Mount

About the Leveler Rotational Mount

This convenient accessory provides precise planer alignment with fine adjustment capability. The Microgage laser is attached securely to this Rotational Mount, which can be turned through a complete circle to define a flat plane of laser light. This mount is ideal for checking surface flatness, leveling machinery, verifying machine travel, and much more.

Precision adjustment screws allow the user to adjust the laser to an exact plane, which can parallel an existing surface or be adjusted to level. When engaged, a precision adjustment screw controls the exact rotational position of the laser for reliable laser pointing. A unique, internal bearing design delivers exceptional rotational stability, accurate to 0.001 inch over a range of 12 feet.

Leveler Rotational Mount Details

  • Precise adjustment screws
  • Accurate bearing for high precision
  • Adjustable brake locks turning motion
  • Reliable mount for laser
  • Threaded mount for tripod use
  • 1 Year Warranty/Product Support
  • Leveling machine beds and cutting tools
  • Checking machine travel and runout
  • Measuring table and slide linearity
  • Checking machine flatness and straightness
  • Positioning machinery and equipment
Leveler Rotational Mount Drawing

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