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About the Pinpoint Capture™ Software

Pinpoint Capture™ Software connects your computer or laptop to your Laser Microgage System. Readings taken from the Pinpoint Capture™ software are easily imported into popular spreadsheet programs such as Excel, Quattro-Pro, or other programs for statistical analysis, charting, plotting, and analysis functions. Pinpoint Laser Systems has a variety of applications for checking flatness, straightness and other geometric parameters and applications specificity tailored to different or various needs. A key feature of this software is its ability to record your measurement readings, either in a continuous mode (number of readings per second, minute, hour, etc.) or in trigger mode where you can add notes, select data, etc., for each reading event saved. Pinpoint Capture™ software lets you scale measurement readings, apply offsets, change units to millimeters, microns, or your own units, and view the readings in different formats. Limit settings and indicators are also available to assist in alignment steps.

The Pinpoint Capture™ software operates on Windows and loads easily from a compact disc. Pinpoint Capture™ arrives with a USB interface for Pinpoint Laser Microgage systems. Pinpoint Capture™ software is easy to load and use on the computer for selecting and collecting data.

Pinpoint Capture™ Software Details

  • Real-time data readouts for faster analysis
  • Measurement readings can be displayed in many formats
  • Readings stored on display can be uploaded
  • Readings may be scaled into many different units including metric and custom
  • Measurement values can be recorded in automatic or manual modes
  • Readings are easily exported to popular spreadsheets and other applications
  • Step-by-step instruction feature for those wanting a more systematic approach to alignment
  • Pinpoint Capture Software is an extremely flexible program that can be used for any alignment project. However some of the most common applications are listed below:
  • Straightness and linear measurement
  • Perpendicularity measurements
  • Parallelism
  • Shaft and drive alignment
  • Machine leveling
  • Measuring runout in gantry and machine tools
  • Flatness and planar checks
  • Runout measurements
  • Adjusting bar feeders

In our ongoing effort to continuously add value to our customer’s systems, Pinpoint Laser Systems has application-specific data routines for our Capture™ software. These Capture™ routines are designed to aid Microgage users by streamlining the process of reporting, plotting, and performing specific data analysis and calculations for applications. These include straightness, parallelism, squareness, bore alignment, and industry-specific application for gantry alignment, marine shaft alignment, and other needs.

These routines are available for download and use for all Microgage users. While we have an expansive collection of programs we have highlighted two below for further research.  If you don’t see an application relevant to your alignment or measurement needs, let us know! We are always creating specific applications for our customers based on their needs and we can create a routine for you. View the Capture™ routines below to learn more about each application-specific data routine.

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