Stop the Presses!

  In this article, you will learn about: What happens when rolls are not properly aligned Preventative Maintenance is quick and precise Decrease downtime, increase productivity When an editor yells, “Stop the Presses,” it’s usually because breaking news needs to get into print before the morning edition. However, if the plant manager or operations manager […] Read more ›

Pinpoint Introduces New, Wireless Laser Receiver

Wireless Comes to Laser Alignment Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced the Microgage Wireless Laser Receiver, a convenient new option for use with the Microgage PRO Laser Alignment System. Pinpoint now brings the advantages of wireless technology to the alignment process. With the new, wire-free receiver, setup and operation of the Microgage PRO Alignment System becomes […] Read more ›

Eastec Logo 2013.

EASTEC 2015: Looking Back

Microgage PRO Laser Alignment System Puts on a Show at EASTEC On May 12-14, Pinpoint Laser Systems exhibited in the EASTEC Manufacturing Exposition held in Springfield, MA. At the show we saw old friends and met new ones, and we got the chance to introduce and demonstrate our newest product, the Microgage PRO Laser Alignment […] Read more ›

Eastec Logo 2013.

Visit Pinpoint Laser Systems at EASTEC 2015 – Booth # 3224

View State-of-the-Art Alignment Equipment and Speak to Our Alignment Specialists Don’t miss us at EASTEC 2015, May 12-14 in West Springfield, MA. Visit Pinpoint Laser Systems at Booth # 3224 where we’ll be featuring working demonstrations of our Microgage laser alignment tools and a variety of new and innovative measuring products. Be sure to see […] Read more ›

Pinpoint Laser Systems Launches the New Microgage PRO Laser Alignment System

as seen in: New Equipment Digest Pinpoint Laser Systems (, a leading manufacturer of precision laser measuring and alignment products for industry, today announces the launch of their laser alignment tool, the Microgage PRO. The Microgage PRO sets a new standard for ease-of-use and includes user instructions and the operations manual right on board for […] Read more ›

Pinpoint Laser Systems Introduces New Alignment Kit For 3-Axis CNC Gantries

Pinpoint Laser Systems ( has introduced the Pinpoint Gantry Kit, a powerful new tool for geometric alignment of 3-axis CNC gantry machines. Its straight and weightless laser beam replaces traditional references of piano wire, heavy steel straight edges, and granite. The kit measures straightness, perpendicularity, level, and other parameters to an accuracy of 0.001” over […] Read more ›

Pinpoint Introduces Our New, Custom Designed “Saw Mill Alignment Kit”

Pinpoint has introduced a unique system especially designed for saw mill and lumber processing facilities: Laser Microgage 2D Saw Mill Alignment Kit This kit offers precision measuring capabilities that will significantly improve measuring and alignment capabilities. This product is ideally suited for precision machine and equipment alignment and is perfect for use in a wide […] Read more ›

IMTS 2014: Looking Ahead to the Next Show

Imagine going to a business meeting to talk with almost 2000 companies that have brought 15,000 tons of modern equipment and set it up indoors in 2 million square feet to demonstrate for you. Now imagine thousands of other people from 160 countries walking in with you to talk, see, and learn from these companies. […] Read more ›

Pinpoint Laser Systems Releases New Microgage Bore Receiver

Pinpoint Laser Systems has released a new laser alignment accessory, the Microgage Bore Receiver. The Microgage Bore Receiver is an innovative solution for precisely measuring the straightness of a tube or bore. The receiver is supplied with sets of interchangeable collars that can be manufactured in different shapes, configurations and materials depending on the contour […] Read more ›

New Capture Software Delivers On-the-Fly Alignment Data Analysis

Pinpoint Laser Systems Introduces Its Newest Capture Software. Enhanced Features Mean More Convenience, More Power. Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced a new and improved data accessory named “Pinpoint Capture™” for the popular Laser Microgage industrial measuring and alignment system. Pinpoint Capture™ allows operators to quickly grab measurement readings, on the fly, from as many as […] Read more ›

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