Pinpoint Laser Systems Launches the New 90-Line-D

Pinpoint Laser Systems, a leading manufacturer of precision laser measuring and alignment products for industry, announces the launch of their latest laser alignment tool, the 90-Line-D.

The 90-Line-D is Pinpoint’s newest innovation for aligning and checking planer squareness and parallelism on assemblies, machinery, and equipment. No fuss, easy set-up, and fast precise results every time insure you can now check gantries, web and roll equipment, presses, and CNC machine tools for peak alignment and efficiency. The 90-Line-D is compact and portable and available in a wired and wireless version for complete versatility on your factory floor and for all industrial applications.

90 line-detector

Here’s how it works. A highly accurate penta-prism, for bending the laser precisely 90 degrees, redirects and incoming laser beam to a new “square” laser reference line. By rotating the front nosepiece of the 90-Line-D this laser reference line will form a laser plane for additional alignment and measurements. A fine adjust feature is included to help direct the laser beam exactly where you wanted to go. A built-in detector monitors the incoming laser beam and actively corrects for any misalignments or small errors. Following Pinpoint’s history of durable products, the 90-Line-D is machined from a solid block of aluminum with a durable anodized finish, stainless steel components, and internal glass optics for years of reliable use on the factory floor and in punishing environments.

The 90-Line-D is the newest addition to Pinpoint’s growing line of precision alignment and measuring products. The 90-Line-D is fully compatible with Pinpoint’s Microgage PRO line and works well with a variety of laser receivers, mounts, and software options for the Microgage PRO Smart Display and Capture software products.

pinpoint laser systems' 90 line-D

Pinpoint Laser Systems is a leading manufacturer of precision laser measuring and alignment products for industry. Beginning in 1992, our innovative machine alignment products are found in factories throughout the United States and all over the world. We offer a wide line of laser measurement tools that will help you solve manufacturing problems, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce downtime and increase profitability. Pinpoint’s aligning equipment is actively used in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, aircraft, machine shops, paper and textile mills, shipbuilding facilities, medical scanning equipment, extrusion plants, and electronic assembly facilities, to name a few.

For more information on the 90 Line-D or other news items, please contact Pinpoint Laser Systems, Inc; 1-800-757-5383 (US) or (978) 532-8001. Or email your questions to Joseph Wing;

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