4 Advantages of Microgage PRO Laser Alignment System

Wireless Laser Alignment from Pinpoint.

The Microgage PRO alignment & measuring system leads the industry with a smart display screen, wireless connectivity, on-board software & unparalleled versatility. Here’s how.

1) Smart Display

The Microgage PRO features a new smart display that utilizes technology comparable to a smart phone.

The advanced display brings a new level of ease and convenience to aligning machinery right to your factory floor.

Laser Alignment Versatility from Pinpoint.

Color touchscreen

A bright, color, touchscreen display delivers clear data and illustrations to guide you through your projects so that you can clearly understand what is happening with your machinery and equipment.

Real-time results

Measurement results are shown in real time with useful analysis to provide you with the big picture on how your machinery and equipment are performing.

Multiple receivers

The smart display can talk to multiple receivers, gather data, and store this data for later reporting and retrieval on your PC or laptop.

Built-in help

The Smart Display has onboard help and instructions to guide you – a help feature rarely found on smart phones! It even answers questions about your machinery alignment.

Battery powered

This compact, sturdy display runs on batteries and can be used all over your facility and is ready to take the hard knocks, falls, and bangs you expect of your equipment.



2) Wireless Connectivity

The Microgage PRO laser alignment system now brings wireless convenience to the alignment process.

It’s one of the many anticipated new options of the Microgage PRO.

With this new, wire-free receiver, setup and operation becomes even faster and easier.

Microgage Pro Wireless Connectivity.

Why do I want a wireless receiver?

Do you run the risk of tangling cables in moving machinery? Do you need to align items at a long distance? Are you frustrated from stringing cables around your facility?

Do you have long enough cables on-hand to make a wired connection in the desired range? Wireless laser alignment means freedom to move without hindrance, anywhere throughout your factory floor.

Get the best of new technology.

  • Connect up to 4 wireless receivers (plus 4 additional wired receivers)
  • Increased portability & versatility
  • Working range up to 180 feet

3) Capture™ software on board

All Microgage PRO units come equipped with Pinpoint’s proprietary on-board software, Capture™.

Capture™ allows operators to quickly grab measurement readings, on the fly, from as many as four remote laser receivers.

Analyze the alignment and performance of your production machinery and industrial equipment with Capture™.

Laser Alignment Software from Pinpoint.


The software is a powerful, Windows-based application that quickly records incoming readings, displays results and enables added control. It interfaces cleanly with spreadsheets, statistical analysis packages and other programs.

Readings stored locally

Capture™ allows measurement readings to be stored directly in the handheld, portable Smart Display, and then uploaded to a PC or laptop or routed directly to the PC or laptop for analysis, printing and storage.

.0025mm precision up to 55m

The Microgage PRO armed with Capture™ software is easy to use and highly versatile, delivering a precision of 0.0001 inch (0.0025 mm) over a working range of 180 feet (55 meters).

Up to 8 receivers

Capture™ software brings a wide host of new capabilities to industrial alignment and measuring. The program collects and displays measuring readings from up to 8 laser receivers placed on machinery. These displays can be customized for specific user alignment and measuring applications.

Built-in spreadsheet & instructions

A built-in spreadsheet function allows for easy computations on incoming readings and additional graphing and plotting capabilities. A step-by-step instruction feature gives users an active recipe to follow for popular alignment routines on industrial machinery.

Pre-installed routines

We’ve also installed standard measurement and alignment routines that are versatile, quick and easy to follow for general alignment tasks such as spindle and lathe alignment, machine tool runout checks, and other common applications.

Applications for any industry

The Microgage PRO System can be used across many industries for checking the alignment of production machinery and equipment. It’s precise laser reference beam is ideal for checking straightness, flatness, squareness, parallelism, bore alignment and many other geometrical parameters.

Microgage PRO measurements can be stored automatically with many readings per second or can be recorded over time individually by the user with notes.

4) Maximum Versatility

Equipment for aligning, checking, and fixing your machines should be flexible and ready to adapt at a moment’s notice to many needs.

Invest in the equipment that can handle more of the issues that you face every day.

For example:

Pinpoint Microgage PRO.

Head crash?

A machine tool may be down with a head crash. A moving slide or tool axis may need to be checked for travel straightness and damage.

Extruder out?

An extruder may have come out of alignment, causing a screw to wear against the side wall of the barrel, requiring shut-down and re-alignment.

Roll line idler out?

Or maybe your roll line for plastic film or converting has an idler or nip roll that is out of alignment and stretching the material beyond its limit, resulting in poor product coming off the line.

Whatever your day’s challenge is, the Pinpoint Microgage PRO alignment system is ready to provide quick solutions to many of your repair or adjustment issues, bringing your production line back up to full capacity fast.

So many options. So many uses.

The Microgage PRO is ready for the job with three core elements:

  1. Laser transmitter provides a precise laser reference line
  2. Digital receiver picks up the laser beam position
  3. Smart display provides readings & calculates key information

A wide range of versatility can be achieved by adding various accessories to solve many alignment and measuring problems.

Components & examples

A right angle penta-prism component, called the Microgage 90-Line:

  • Checks machinery squareness
  • Detects gantries that are out of alignment
  • Verifies that rolls and web systems are parallel

The Microgage 4D Receiver component:

  • Measures linear errors and angular misalignments
  • Provides the data you need and get back up and running
  • Plugs into the display or works in wireless mode

Accessories & add-ons

Pinpoint has mounts and fixtures to accommodate a wide range of machinery and equipment so that your Microgage PRO Alignment System will connect to your machinery and work well for almost any problem you throw at it.

The Microgage PRO really does do it all and can serve manufacturers in a large range of industries, becoming a versatile part of any factory’s industrial toolbox.

Laser Alignment Accessories by Pinpoint Laser Systems.

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