Calibrating System for Jet Engine Assembly

Pinpoint’s engineering team was given the task to build a calibration laser that will sit precisely on a registration table and project a laser reference beam straight upwards.

Jet Engine Laser Alignment

During the assembly of a jet engine, the orientation of parts and sub-assemblies are critical. A specialized measuring machine is able to reach into specific locations on the engine and verify that parts and assemblies are in their proper position and orientation. The Pinpoint Microgage 2000 system has been selected as a calibration tool for checking these systems.

The Microgage 2000 digital receiver is placed on the moving tool and the display tracks the precise position of the tool for calibration. The Microgage 2000 display is attached to a computer for downloading measurement information and statistics about the alignment of the equipment. Pinpoint has a vast range of experience in repackaging lasers, receivers and building mounts for specific customer applications.

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