Calibration System for Nuclear Power Facility Inspection Robot

Pinpoint Laser Systems was approached by a large firm in the nuclear power industry to develop a laser measuring system that could calibrate the position of the robot arm so that its position and orientation could be accurately monitored when it was later in use inside the unfriendly heat exchanger environment.

Calibration system for nuclear power facility inspection robot.

The Microgage system was selected for this task and Pinpoint developed and manufactured these calibration systems for checking each robot, prior to its use.

A Microgage Laser transmitter is positioned on the centerline of one pivoting arm section and the laser beam projects down the center axis of the arm in its neutral position. A digital Microgage receiver is placed on other pivoting arm sections and mounting surfaces of the robot. The robot arm is then controlled through a series of motions, carrying the Microgage Receiver along with it.

Readings are taken throughout this process so that comparisons between the encoders on the robot arm and the precise output of the Laser Microgage can be compared. A compensation and correction table is then created that allows the robot to adjust and compensate for any inaccuracies. The picture above shows one of Pinpoint’s engineers checking the angular orientation and deflection of the first arm section on the inspection robot.

The high precision and reliability of the Laser Microgage system makes this an ideal product for checking and evaluating the robot arm performance before it enters the hot zone of the nuclear plant. Pinpoint continues to refine and improve the Laser Microgage line for specific industrial customers and their unique applications. For additional information on robotic system measurements and other industrial applications please contact us.

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