On-Line Measuring System for Paper Coating Line

To monitor thermal distortion on a large paper coating machine, Pinpoint modified a standard Microgage 2000 system to provide closed-loop feedback control on a paper coating line.

Paper Coating line measuring system.

Large paper coating machines experience thermal distortion from ambient temperature changes as well as the temperature of the coating fluid. The Microgage 2000 projects a precise, 28 foot long laser reference beam along the length of the coating head to a digital receiver that is connected to a processing unit that monitors thermal distortion of the head to better than 0.001 inch.

This measurement information is used in real time to control the thermal characteristics of the coating head and insure that the coating is even and meets demanding standards. Pinpoint’s engineering team repackaged the Microgage 2000 system into a waterproof industrial enclosure to withstand the constant flow of liquid around the system and heavy industrial use experienced between infrequent maintenance cycles.

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