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Have you met Joseph Schmitt? He’s married with two grown kids and lives in a nice house in a nice town. He and his wife spend Thursday night watching their shows and Saturdays at the local cinema. Joe’s friends and co-workers call him Schmitt and so does his boss – why? Well, they’re normal, straightforward people.

It’s simple really. They work and they live. They start and end most weekdays the same way. Their jobs are to Get Stuff Done then go home to a drink with the MRS. So what sets this average Joe Schmitt apart from any other working man? He doesn’t wait for things to happen, he makes things happen.

Make It Happen

Schmitt goes to work and decides how to stay ahead of the game and how to bring his team along with him. “Where is the order for the newest machine parts, why aren’t the scraps smaller and out of the way, why is it I can play nice with the big wigs but my crew can get on my last nerve, put a patch in place so we can keep production up and running or prevent a machine malfunction now?” run through his brain.

Because Joe Schmitt’s good at his job, he uses preventive measures but he weighs the cost. Considering the departmental budget, Joe determines that doing more laser alignment in-house (and sooner rather than later) will increase cost savings and have the added benefit of reducing machine and tool downtime. To use a laser alignment system as knowledgeable as Joe’s production workers, he needs a smart, reliable system that will work for all his applications, on all his machine tools and with each machine so Joe’s machine inspection checklist doesn’t make Joe look like…

Don’t wait for Schmitt to hit the fan. Take preventive measures and properly align your machines and machine tools with smart tools today. Call (978) 532-8001 or email Pinpoint Laser Systems for guidance.

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