3 Advantages of In-House Laser Alignment

When you experience an alignment challenge on your production floor, you can face it two ways; hire and wait for an outside alignment contractor or fix it yourself. New, easy to use, laser alignment tools simplify and solve your alignment issues quickly and efficiently.

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In following up with our customers, we’ve learned about several advantages that give them a competitive edge, and broke down the top 3 advantages of doing your own in-house laser alignment:


When laser alignment is handled in-house it means that you don’t have to wait around for an outside alignment contractor to show up when a machine breaks down or something isn’t working properly or efficiently. If you invest in your own laser alignment system you can quickly and easily determine where the misalignment occurs, correct the alignment error, and get the machine and production line back up and running.

Not only does it eliminate the need for hiring an outside contractor, but you won’t have employees that are waiting around, customers that are waiting for product, or raw materials piling up or going to waste. The convenience of being able to perform alignment without skipping a beat saves both time and money.

Cost Savings

Arguably the biggest advantage to performing in-house laser alignment is the cost savings. While the initial investment of a laser alignment system can seem somewhat costly for some smaller companies, the short and long term return on investment far outweighs any initial costs.

Performing alignment in-house leads to cost savings in more than one way, the first being a significant reduction in downtime. As any production manager knows, downtime can be expensive. If a facility is relying on a third party to get their operations up and running again, it means hours or days of production time that can be lost while staff are on the clock.

Additionally, it leads to further cost savings in that it removes the need to pay an outside contractor for the work to be done each time a machine isn’t properly aligned. Over the course of several months, or years, the savings far exceed the cost of outfitting your facility with a laser alignment system.

Preventative Maintenance

Another advantage to bringing laser alignment in-house is that it can be used for preventative maintenance. Machine operators who work day in and day out with the equipment have a better understanding of the machinery and how it works far better than any third party. By giving those who work directly with the equipment the tools needed for alignment, they can monitor the machinery more often to identify any potential issues. This enables in-house engineers and operators to take a proactive approach to preventative maintenance ensuring equipment is running smoothly.

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