Featured Accessory: Leveler Rotational Mount

leveler rotational mountWhat it does

Also known as the Leveler Brake, the Microgage Leveler Rotational Mount is the precision positioning accessory that sets a flat reference plane every time it’s used. Coupled with a laser transmitter, the mount is ideal for shooting planes and tracks, squaring machinery being assembled, and aligning assemblies with other assemblies. Using the bubble level on the laser transmitter lets you create a flat, horizontal plane in minutes. See the leveler brake in action here!

The Set-Up

A laser transmitter is set in the mount and secured by easily adjusting two mounting screws on the side of the mount’s bearing. The mounting screws underneath orient the plane of the lateral mount in relation to the mounting surface. To define a flat plane, any position is possible with the rotating mount. There are mounting fixtures to attach the mount to a tripod and a clamp option to position the mount on a hard surface or to a machine for optimum performance. In addition, the micrometer brake adjustment can be used to lock the Leveler Rotational Mount to allow the adjustment of small angles. Download the data sheet for more info.

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