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Hi and welcome to Pinpoint Laser Systems! Thank you for considering an online demonstration of our laser alignment systems. Does your group find laser systems intimidating? Are you worried about picking the right alignment system? Do you need recommendations on more tactical ways to retrieve alignment data? We cover all issues like this during the online demo but feel free to bring up concerns with our team. That’s how we can arrive at solutions together.

Let me give you a brief overview of what a demo entails:

  • Because each demo is customized to your business, we request drawings, photos or other documents ahead of time if your group is able to provide them. Confidentiality is honored here. Rest assured that your sensitive information is kept private and taken very seriously.
  • We recommend giving yourself 20 min to view the demo and interact with the Alignment Specialist who will show your team how you could use the alignment system.
  • The demo is broken out into 2 important parts: Approx. 15 min of an alignment specialist setting up and using the systems just as you would use the alignment system in practice and 5 min for a Q&A session.

The general topics discussed are:

  • The approximate time it will take and how your team will learn to use your alignment system.
  • How to make the alignment system both compatible with your equipment while remaining versatile in use for the various members of your team.
  • Which system is best suited for your groups’ applications—long-term and short-term.
  • Quickly learn a better way to solve your alignment problems.
  • Discuss the potential cost savings and Return On Investment, if appropriate.

A few goals to help you get the most out of your personalized demo are:

– Take notes and ask the alignment specialist any questions that you have.
– Mention areas where your team struggles and where you think you might have hangups.

Simply click the green bar below and and include your business information. Don’t worry about giving us your information. We have non-salesy alignment solutions only AND when you invest your time and effort with Pinpoint, we consider your team as a potential partner so we don’t SPAM.

Also, feel free to call us at (978)532-8001 or email

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