Pinpoint Laser Systems Announces Next Edition of Capture™ Data Accessory

The Next Edition of Pinpoint’s Alignment Software is Here

Capture alignment software

With more power at a user’s fingertips, the enhanced features of the next generation of alignment software is well worth the wait. Pinpoint Capture™, for Microgage laser measuring and alignment systems, gives laser system operators quick and easy access to measurement readouts in real-time from as many as 10 laser receivers – (6 wireless and 4 wired). Thus, industrial equipment and machine production will function at peak performance now that alignment data can be retrieved so smoothly.

The Windows-based software has more versatility and power than the average user will need while the clean and intuitive interface keeps from overwhelming. Beyond the stellar user-experience, Capture™ transcribes input readings, displays the alignment results and provides next steps and varying levels of control to the user. Interfacing seamlessly with statistical analysis programs and various spreadsheets, alignment readings are stored or can be uploaded from the easy-grip Microgage display.

For those needing a systematic approach, the step-by-step instructions feature activates standard alignment routines typically used in industrial manufacturing in addition to popular alignment and measurement routines that will help the operator. This new found versatility gives the operator fast and simple alignment steps for checking common alignment issues like spindle and lathe alignment and machine tool runout. All data can be stored permanently and automatically with several readings per second or stored in real-time individually by user and with the user’s notes. Any incoming readings can be manipulated within the built-in spreadsheet for analysis and to create helpful plotting and graphing.

With a variety of computational routines, users will never be at a loss for knowing what the next steps in their alignment process are. Altogether, the Microgage laser system and Capture™ alignment software are intuitive and able to deliver precision measurements of 0.0001 inch (2.5 microns) even at a range of 180 feet (55 meters). To learn more about upgrading to this version of alignment software, call Pinpoint at (978) 532-8001 for more information.

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