An Open Letter from Pinpoint


Do you have control of your machine and assembly alignment process? Pinpoint offers what our customers call laser alignment systems with an “intuitive nature” – a modern but easy way to measure and align.

Not only do Pinpoint alignment systems increase the speed and functionality of your team without incurring machine downtime or staff overtime but you are provided with alignment accessories, the proprietary Capture™ software and step-by-step guides creating versatility and better communication within your team so one hand always knows what the other is doing

❶ We receive several questions and concerns each week such as:

  • There’s a SNAFU in my shop – a machine is down and another is vibrating and making noises. What can I do to fix the situation and recover our products?
  • How do I research these alignment units then convince my company’s decision makers to approve a purchase?
  • I bought a laser alignment system from another company and my team can’t figure out the thing without resorting to a chunky manual or coming to get me!
  • Do you have alignment tools that aren’t too difficult to use?

First of all, let me tell you that Pinpoint Laser Systems is the leader in laser alignment products because of our technical support. Second, because our alignment systems are ideal for precision machine and equipment alignment, they are ideal for a vast array of industrial applications like:

Bore Alignment
Checking Runout
Locating Rails & Slides
Squaring Machinery
Aligning Lathes
Aligning Rollers & Bearings

Pinpoint designs and manufactures enhanced laser alignment and measurement products that use highly innovative optical technologies – but they are still easy enough for anyone to use. These systems are heavy-duty and reliable enough to be used in any situation – and I mean any! Contact us to learn how these unique alignment tools are engineered to be versatile in use, portable at work and tough to the touch.

Are you relying on outside contractors for precision measuring and aligning? Pinpoints laser alignment systems deliver a quick ROI making them a great way to bring alignment in-house and under your own control.

❷ Just as your business deals with customer needs and delays, Pinpoint encounters the same issues. What separates our approach from others and what makes us a worthwhile partner to your team is our personal approach to business. That’s right – we are here to guide your purchasing decision and to ensure that you receive the right alignment system for your projects without the pressured sales pitch.

We also offer personalized online demonstrations and solutions-oriented discussions at no charge and at your team’s convenience. Contact us at (978) 532-8001 for more information and to let us know how we can help you.


John Sampson
Pinpoint Laser Systems

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