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Need to cut your machine alignment time in half? Do you know how much wasted time and materials occur because of improper alignment and insufficient alignment tools? With our laser alignment system, that’s no longer a problem: Unpack it, use it, repack it, done.

Measure and align your machinery or assemblies – anywhere you need to with truly portable precision alignment tools and alignment accessories.

  • Reduce equipment downtime and staff overtime.
  • Retrieve measurement and alignment data for an array of engineering and technical tasks and assignments – using the same system for each task.
  • Get systematic guidance before, during and after your measurement process and unlimited access to Technical Support.
  • Improve the way your team thinks about and uses alignment to keep machinery running and reduce further problems.

Cut the time you spend setting up and measuring with inferior measurement systems so you can spend more time focusing on the rest of your work. Designed so users can handle virtually any alignment application, these alignment systems set-up taking only minutes and we ship every laser alignment and measurement system in its own sturdy and compact case, to help you go anywhere in the factory or on the grounds to perform alignment tasks.

You might just save enough time for an extra coffee break.

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