Why Calibrate Your Laser Alignment System?

At Pinpoint Laser Systems each of our laser alignment systems, including the Microgage 2000, Microgage 2D and the Microgage PRO Plus, are engineered and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail. Unlike other measurement and alignment products, the Pinpoint Microgage line is engineered without internal moving parts, motors, and components that can come out of adjustment.

Furthermore, the use of durable machined metal housings and stainless internal components insures that these products work reliably in challenging industrial environments. For these reasons, most owners will not need their systems to be recalibrated after purchase.

Who needs to calibrate their alignment system?

Well, we’ll start by saying that not everyone needs their system calibrated. In fact, it would be careless of us to imply that everyone did. So, whom do we encourage to calibrate their alignment systems? Companies whose business foundation is built upon meeting quality standards are the ideal candidates. Companies that need to calibrate their laser alignment systems are those who are required to meet, or exceed, ISO standards and companies where manufacturing documentation on all equipment and processes is recorded, retained, and sometimes sent to their customers. Some of these companies include those who are in the semiconductor, electronics, aircraft and medical industries to name a few.

Others who should have their systems checked or recalibrated include any whose system has been damaged from being dropped or physically damaged. While not common, we have performed calibrations on a few systems that were unintentionally dropped on the manufacturing floor.

If a cable is severed or a display comes on with a warning or error message this may be a sign that service or re-calibration should be considered. Pinpoint Microgage products work well when turned on and used carefully – generally these products come on and do their work well and if there is a problem it is obvious to the user, which is helpful in eliminating the potential for erroneous results and confusion about reliability. Pinpoint support personnel and our service department are always available for your questions and to talk with you about your applications.

When should I calibrate my laser alignment system?

ISO-certified companies are encouraged to calibrate their systems regularly in order to avoid any manufacturing disruptions or downtime from insufficient alignment equipment. Manufacturing companies whose products are required to meet ISO standards should have their laser alignment or measurement system calibrated every year or every two years. This is to verify that any internal components have not shifted or worn out leading to compromised read-out data or subpar quality products, especially when conforming to international standards.

For those whose system may have resulted in being dropped or improperly handled they should immediately send their laser alignment systems in for inspection and recalibration to factory settings.

What costs are associated with a calibration?

The typical cost to calibrate one of our laser alignment systems runs about $850 USD, although it can depend on other factors including any necessary repairs. Calibration costs vary from system to system; therefore, we will provide you with a quote for any additional costs that may arise. Turnaround time for calibration is typically just a few days as we understand the importance minimizing downtime.

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