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About Squareness

Product# – PR-SQ21

The Microgage system works on a very simple principle: Laser light travels in a straight line. The Microgage system Squareness Kit comes with a 90-Line beam redirector which utilizes an internal optical element called a penta-prism that reflects the laser at precisely 90 degrees to the incoming laser beam. Squareness and perpendicularity measurements are made by first aligning the laser to a central machine axis or along a reference path and then redirecting the laser beam off at a right angle so that other assemblies can be positioned and aligned squarely to the original laser path.

The PRO series includes a smart display with touchscreen technology and can also be wireless. Pinpoint laser systems are simple, rugged and portable.

Squareness Details

  • PRO Smart display unit
  • Enhanced 90-Line
  • 4-Axis Precision Mount
  • Precision Tripod Mount
  • Pinpoint Capture™ software
  • Wireless option for convenience
  • Precise down to 0.0001 inch (depending on application)
  • Quick return on investment
  • Intuitive set up and use
  • Improves efficiency and expands in-house capabilities
  • Removes guesswork for alignment or measurement
  • Minimizes machine downtime
  • Supports preventative maintenance efforts
  • Eliminates need for outside alignment contractors
  • Reduces machinery installation costs
  • Squaring machinery and equipment
  • Aligning the Z axis of machine tools
  • Belt, gear and sheave alignment
  • Checking parallelism of tracks and assemblies
  • Squaring stacked linear stages
  • Adjusting slitters, idlers and rollers
  • Aligning gantry rails and cross bridges
  • Squaring machine guides and pallet loaders
  • Adjusting moving actuators and drilling systems

Measuring System


Measurement resolution

0.0001″ (2.5 micron

Measurement accuracy

± 0.0002″ or 1% of measurement (5 micron)

Operating distance

6” to 180”

Laser Transmitter*


Laser accuracy

≤ 2 arc-seconds

Laser level

10 arc-second, machinist grade

Laser source

laser diode, 636Nm, < 1mW

Laser repeatability

<1 arc-second

Laser dimensions

4.3” L x 2.6” D x 8.1”C

Laser housing

solid machined aluminum, hard anodized coating



Active detection area

(0.75″ x 0.75″ 19mm x 19mm)

Receiver housing

solid machined aluminum & hard anodized coating

Receiver dimensions

2.0” x 2.0” x. 20”, 2.0” x2.0” x 3.0” (wireless)

Smart Display


Display configuration

hand-held, portable, self-contained


0.0001″ (2.5 micron)


inch, mm, mils, custom


state-of-the-art, color, high-resolution, touchscreen


keypad, multifunction buttons, touchscreen


data readings & notes up to 10,000


solid machined aluminum, hard anodized coating

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