Laser Measuring

Laser Measuring

What is the distance from the transmitted laser beam to the base of the Laser?

The laser beam from the Laser Microgage 2D exits at a point 1 inch up from the base and 1 inch in from each side. The Laser Microgage 2000 transmits a laser beam is centered 1.0 inch above the base of the laser and 0.625 inch in from each side edge.

What is the angular tolerance for the receiver?

The laser can enter the receiver + 12 degrees off centerline with minimal influence on measuring accuracy. We recommend for consistency that users try to keep the laser square to the front of the receiver if possible. A helpful trick is to align the receiver until the faint laser beam reflections, off the front of the receiver, falls back onto the front of the laser.

Laser Options

What lasers are available for the Laser Microgage line?

There are several standard lasers available for the Laser Microgage line and a variety of custom configurations. The most standard Laser Microgage has a rectangular housing with flat machined reference surfaces and variety of threaded mounting points for use on fixtures, tripods, and machinery. This configuration is available for the Laser Microgage 2D and 2000 lines. A round cylindrical laser is also available for bore alignment, spindle alignment, checking lathes and other mechanical alignment applications. In addition to these standard models, Pinpoint also provides lasers in customized housings for specific customer applications.

How can the Laser be attached to my machine?

Microgage lasers are equipped with threaded mounting holes (10-32 and ¼-20) on five of their six mounting surfaces.  Pinpoint also provides tripod mounts, clamp mounts, magnet mounts and a variety of laser adjustment fixtures to accommodate customer mounting needs.


What is the range of the Laser Microgage?

The Laser Microgage measures lateral displacement across the laser beam path in one direction with the Laser Microgage 2000 or in 2 directions with the Laser Microgage 2D. The typical range of displacement for a Laser Microgage 2000 receiver is 1 inch in a single direction and 0.75 inch in two directions for the Laser Microgage 2D. Pinpoint does have other receivers that measure up to 3 inches and in multiple directions.

How far away can the receiver be from the laser?

The Laser Microgage 2D system will operate when the distance between the receiver and the laser is a few inches out to about 180 feet (55 meters). The Laser Microgage 2000 can go out to 100 feet (30 meters).

Measuring Distance

Can the Laser Microgage measure distance between the laser and receiver?

Not at this time, but stay tuned. Currently, the Laser Microgage measures very precisely across the laser beam in the X and Y axes.

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