Laser Receivers


What is the range of the Laser Microgage?

The Laser Microgage measures lateral displacement across the laser beam path in one direction with the Laser Microgage 2000 or in 2 directions with the Laser Microgage 2D. The typical range of displacement for a Laser Microgage 2000 receiver is 1 inch in a single direction and 0.75 inch in two directions for the Laser Microgage 2D. Pinpoint does have other receivers that measure up to 3 inches and in multiple directions.

Can a Laser Microgage use more than one receiver?

Yes, The Laser Microgage 2D display unit can accommodate 4 receivers. Several receivers can be placed around an alignment area and by pressing a selection button various receivers can be selected for individual readings. A transparent receiver is also available so that multiple measurements can be made along the laser beam at the same time.

What is the size of the Laser Microgage detector?

The standard Laser Microgage 2D Receiver is a 2 inch by 2 inch by 2 inch cube. The Laser Microgage 2D Transparent Receiver is 2 inches tall, 4 inches wide and 2 inches thick. The Laser Microgage 2000 standard receiver is 2.75 inches high and 1.25 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick. Pinpoint also has other receivers available for bore alignment as well as a variety of receiver designs for specialized applications.

What is the angular tolerance for the receiver?

The laser beam can enter the receiver + 12 degrees off centerline with minimal influence on measuring accuracy. We recommend for consistency that users try to keep the laser square to the front of the receiver if possible. A helpful trick is to align the receiver until the faint laser beam reflections, off the front of the receiver, falls back onto the front of the laser.

How can I attach the receiver to my machine?

The receivers are equipped with threaded mounting holes (10-32 and ¼-20) on five of their six external surfaces to facilitate mounting. Pinpoint also provides adjustable mounting fixtures that can be bolted, clamped or magnetically affixed to a machine surface. Pinpoint also designs and builds fixtures to meet customer’s specific needs.

Displays and Indicators

My Laser Microgage Display says ‘noDet.’ What does this mean?

In order for the Laser Microgage 2000 display to operate correctly it must have a receiver connected to it. When the display is turned on without a receiver attached a warning ‘noDet’ is shown on the display. For the Laser Microgage 2D, the prompt for selecting a receiver will be missing and the display will wait for a receiver to be plugged in.

What is the red/green indicator on the Laser Microgage receiver?

The Laser Microgage 2000 single axis receiver is equipped with a red/green LED indicator to tell you when the receiver is detecting the laser beam.


Do you make longer cables for the Laser Microgage receiver?

Yes, cables can be made up to 100 feet in length if needed. Contact Pinpoint for further details on this option.

Does Pinpoint have a see through detector?

Yes, Pinpoint offers a “see thru” detector called the Microgage Transparent Receiver. This receiver will provide precise X and Y readings at a particular measurement location while allowing the laser beam to pass through to other receivers located further down the laser beam path.

Where is the Zero Point on a receiver & can it be moved?

The Laser Microgage receivers are set at the factory with the zero point in the middle of the detector range. If you want to move the zero point to the bottom or top of the receiver and to the left or right side of the receiver there is a simple user function on the display to achieve this.


Do room lights influence the Laser?

Laser Microgage receivers have a filter that blocks out room lights and other stray light sources that might otherwise influence the accuracy of your measurement.

Does the Laser Microgage work in a vacuum?

The Laser Microgage reference beam can pass through a vacuum, however the laser and receivers should not be directly subjected to a deep vacuum environment. Pinpoint can fabricate an enclosure for the laser transmitter or receivers if they need to be placed into a vacuum environment.


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