Laser Systems Storage and Maintenance


If I insert the batteries into the laser incorrectly, will the unit be damaged?

No, the laser will not come on. Reverse the batteries and the laser light will come on for you when you press the on/off switch.

How long will the Laser Microgage run on a set of batteries?

The laser transmitters will operate for 20 hours on a set of three AA batteries. The Laser Microgage display and receivers will operate for 20+ hours on a single 9 volt battery or 2 “C” batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be used.

Power Supply

Is there a power supply available for the Laser Microgage?

Yes, Pinpoint has a power supply option. Rechargeable batteries can also be used with laser and the display. Power units are available for international use as well.


Does the Laser Microgage need to be re-calibrated?

No. There are no moving internal parts that need adjustment. Some customers choose to return their units to Pinpoint for evaluation on an annual basis. The leveling vials on the laser transmitter are easily adjusted and customers frequently check and adjust these vials if their laser has been subjected to rough handling. The Operations Manual has a complete section on this procedure.


How should I store the Laser Microgage when I am not using it?

The Laser Microgage is compact and arrives in a durable carrying case with any attachments that may be needed. The case is easily carried around and provides a good place to store your Laser Microgage when it is not in use. We recommend removing batteries when the Laser Microgage is stored for extended periods.

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