Laser Software & Computers

Computer Connections

Can I connect my Laser Microgage to a computer?

Yes, Laser Microgage display units have an interface port and through an adapter can be connected to a USB port or an RS232c serial port on a laptop or PC.

Laser Microgage Software

Does Pinpoint have software for the Laser Microgage?

Yes, There is a program called Pinpoint Capture that allows one to view the readings on a computer screen in real time and increase the measuring resolution of the Laser Microgage to 0.00005 inch (1 micron). Laser Microgage readings can be recorded in a manual mode with notes or automatically and saved in popular file formats for importing into other programs. Pinpoint can also provide custom software for special measuring and alignment applications.

Will the computer software store readings for other programs?

Yes, Pinpoint Capture will record readings and save this information to an ASCII text file. This format is easily imported into a variety of industrial software packages including popular spreadsheets. The Capture program can also be configured to directly link (DLL format) to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Can the Laser Microgage Display store readings?

The software on the Laser Microgage 2D display (revision 2.0E and later) can record readings for four incoming receivers with notes. The display unit can then be attached to a computer, running Pinpoint Capture, and the readings uploaded and saved. The format of the files is easily imported into spreadsheets and other programs.

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