90-Line Laser Accessories

What is the 90-Line?

The 90-Line is a Laser Microgage attachment for creating a precise right angle laser reference line. Placing the 90-Line into the laser path allows the laser reference beam to pass through the 90-Line and exit as a precise right angle beam. A manually, rotated nosepiece on the 90-Line allows the user to redirect the exiting laser beam through a full rotation. The 90-Line is a key accessory for checking machinery squareness and also establishing precise parallel reference lines for alignment.

What is the Laser Microgage range with the 90-Line?

A good rule of thumb is to use 100 foot beam path with the Laser Microgage 2D and an 80 foot path with the Laser Microgage 2000. For example, if your 90-Line is placed 60 feet away from the laser a Microgage 2D will let you measure to points out 40 feet out from the 90-Line.

90-Line Square Plane

What is the 90-Line Square Plane?

The 90-Line Square Plane adapts the 90-Line for making square plane measurements along the laser beam path. The 90-Line produces a single right angle laser reference beam. Turning the nosepiece of the 90-Line, through a full turn, redirects this outgoing reference beam to define a plane. The correct positioning of the 90-Line relative to the incoming laser beam insures that this new reference plane is precisely flat. A small positioning mount and a small 2 axis digital receiver couple with the 90-Line to insure that the reference plane is absolutely flat.

90-Line Right Angle

Does the 90-Line Right Angle need to be attached to the Laser?

No. The 90-Line has an internal penta-prism optic that turns the light exactly 90 degrees. The 90-Line can be placed anywhere along the laser beam path and will form a right angle beam. Turning the nosepiece redirects the 90 degree line around a full circle to define a plane that is square to the initial laser beam.

What is the accuracy of the 90-Line Right Angle?

The 90-Line provides a right angle beam that is precise to 0.0006 degrees or 2 arc-seconds. This means that the laser beam exiting from the 90-Line will be square to the input laser beam to within 0.0015 inch at a distance of 10 feet. The repeatability of this actual angle is better than 0.0001 degree or 0.4 arc-seconds.

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