Laser Tool Features

Indicator Lights

What is the orange light on top of the laser for?

This is a low battery indicator. When the orange LED comes on, the laser will operate for about another 60 minutes on the present set of batteries. The green indicator on the top of the laser tells you that the laser beam is present. These indicators and the controls for the Laser Microgage are described in the first section of the Operations Manual.

What is the red/green indicator on the Laser Microgage receiver?

The Laser Microgage 2000 single axis receiver is equipped with a red/green LED indicator to tell you when the receiver is detecting the laser beam.

Metric Readings

Can the Laser Microgage read in metric units?

The Laser Microgage display has a variety of user selectable options for measuring units. One of these options is to display readings in millimeter units and custom units.


Does the Leveler need to be level for use with the laser transmitter?

No. The Leveler is a rotating mounting plate that supports the laser so that the laser can swing through a precise flat plane. This plane can be oriented in any direction from horizontal (level) to vertical and points in between. The accuracy of the Leveler is < 0.001 inch at a range of 12 feet.

What lasers are available for the Laser Microgage?

There are several standard lasers available for the Microgage line and a variety of custom configurations. The most standard Laser Microgage has a rectangular housing with flat machined reference surfaces and variety of threaded mounting points for use on fixtures, tripods, and machinery. This configuration is available for the Laser Microgage 2D and 2000 lines. A round cylindrical laser is also available for bore alignment, spindle alignment, checking lathes and other mechanical alignment applications. In addition to these standard models, Pinpoint also provides lasers in customized housings for specific customer applications.

How can I mount the Laser Microgage to my machinery?

The Laser Microgage has several machined reference surfaces for mounting and alignment applications. The housings have a number of mounting holes on the laser transmitter and receiver for easy and convenient mounting. These mounting points include 10-32 and 1/4-20 threads. Pinpoint also offers a variety of mounting fixtures for the Laser Microgage including magnetic mounts, clamps, tripods, threaded mountings, chain mounts, and other configurations. We welcome the opportunity to build specific mounting fixtures for your application or can provide drawings of the Laser Microgage so that you can fabricate your own fixturing if necessary.

How do you mount the Laser?

Pinpoint also offers a variety of laser mounting devices including the 4 Axis Precision Mount, the Leveler Rotational Mount, tripods and other devices.

Does the Laser Microgage mount into a bore tube?

The Laser Microgage receiver has a mount designed specifically for bore tubes which centers the receiver in the bore. These mounts will place the receiver so that it can detect a laser reference beam exiting a tube or entering the tube. The Microgage Cylindrical Laser with a bore mount can also be placed into or referenced to a bore for alignment.

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