Laser Leveling


Does the Leveler need to be leveled before it is used with the laser transmitter?

No. The Leveler is a rotating mounting plate that supports the laser so that the laser can swing through a flat plane. This plane can be oriented in any direction from horizontal (level) to vertical and points in between. The accuracy of the Leveler is < 0.001 inch at a range of 12 feet.

How precisely can the Laser Microgage measure level?

The Laser Microgage laser leveling system has a 10 arc-second leveling vial built into the laser that will provide better than 0.003 degrees of leveling accuracy. At a range of 12 inches, this corresponds to a precision of < 0.0006 inch. Contact Pinpoint to find out how to further improve this leveling accuracy.

Do I have to level the Laser Microgage to use it?

No, the Laser Microgage will operate in any orientation.

Does the Laser Microgage need to be re-calibrated?

Typically not. There are no moving internal parts that need adjustment. Some customers choose to return their units to Pinpoint for evaluation on an annual basis. The leveling vials on the laser leveling system transmitter are easily adjusted and customers frequently check and adjust these vials if their laser has been subjected to rough handling. The Operations Manual has a complete section on this procedure.

Flatness and Level

What is the difference between Flatness and Level?

Flatness is a term to describe how even or planer a surface is. A granite surface plate is a very flat and the surface has very few high or low points across it. Level describes how a component, machine or assembly is positioned relative to the earth’s gravity. Level is typically measured with a bubble level device and a surface can be very flat or planer but at the same time not be level.

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