Adjustable Cylindrical Mount

Latest Innovation: Adjustable Cylindrical Mount

Our latest custom innovation is the Adjustable Cylindrical Mount. This custom solution is used for aligning a helicopters drive shaft between the main engine and the tail rotor gearbox. The design consists of 2 discs attached by solid hinges. The Cylindrical Microgage Laser is attached to one disc while the other disc is mounted. The laser is then adjusted using two precisions adjustment knobs to properly align it to the receiver that was first used for aligning helicopter drive shafts between the main engine and the tail rotor. However, this mount has multiple uses outside of aviation. It can be used for lathe and spindle alignment, setting drive shafts, establishing vertical alignment, antenna and array alignment and many other uses.

Technical Specifications

  • Made Of Machined And Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Flex Hinges
  • 1/4-100 Fine Adjusters to Control X and Y Axis
  • 4.500″ Diameter, 1 5/8″ Tall
  • Customizable Base To Fit Many Mounting Needs
  • Rugged Design For Years Of Use

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