Fuel Transfer Assembly Alignment

Microgage Wing Fuel Transfer Alignment

This new Pinpoint custom solution was designed to measure the centerline to centerline position of successive fitting holes that are located in rib sections of a wing box for the A380 aircraft. T At the same time, the measurement device used must be able to determine the angular orientation of the rib caused by deflection and surface bowing.   In most instances, three rib sections will be compared at any given time looking for centerline errors and angular deflection in the forward to aft axis as well as in the top skin to bottom skin axis.

This custom solution is expandable in order to accommodate holes in the rib sections that measure 120 to 145mm in diameter and also holes that are 75mm to 50mm for future applications. The wall thickness of the rib panels ranges between 3mm and 10mm.   Furthermore, the measuring / alignment device is easy to use, intuitive and durable to withstand heavy field and factory usage.

Technical Specifications

  • High Measurement accuracy: 0.0005 inch (12.7 micron)
  • Large receiver window for easy alignment
  • Battery Life: Laser; 12 hours, display 26 hour
  • Measurement Distance: Up to 80 feet (25 meters)
  • Laser Beam Characteristics; Red, Visible, 635 nanometers, class IIIa
  • Data Interface: USB & serial ports for Laptop or PC
  • Construction: machined anodized aluminum & stainless steel.
  • Fixture Adjustments: ¼-20 threaded adjusters
  • Storage: Durable Carrying Case & Foam Cut-outs.

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