Large 4-Axis Bore Mount

Large 4-Axis Bore Mount

A customer needed to position sections of large pipe at a specific angle within an apparatus to be welded together. After a discussion with our engineering team, Pinpoint and the customer determined a 130 mm bore mount for the 4-D receiver would be the best way to properly align their project. This design consists of 2 mounting disks that attach directly to the receiver. A pair of tooling reference balls and two opposing spring-loaded ball plungers are on the outside edge of the disks to ensure accurate registration, smooth installation and a secure hold within the tube. Although this was originally designed for use in the fabrication of a blast furnace, this configuration is also well suited for aligning propeller stuffing boxes and shaft seals on ships.

Technical Specifications

  • Fabricated From Machined And Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Configurable For Multiple Bore Sizes
  • 8 Hardened Tooling Balls To Index Tube Wall
  • Spring Ball Plungers To Provide Grip
  • Aluminum Hand Grips for Handling
  • Easy To Use And Durable Design

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