Michigan Dam Monitoring 

Dam Monitoring

A town in Michigan needed assistance in measuring the movements of a dam, for this project Pinpoint laser systems utilized a Microgage 2D that would be positioned on the banking, to the side of the dam, and a laser reference beam aimed at a small Microgage sensor that is affixed to the structure of the dam.  If the water level and/or back pressures causes the dam to move, so will the sensor, relative to the fixed laser beam and the precise direction and magnitude of the motion can be determined.  The digital processing within the Microgage 2D system was integrated into the local SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) system that would inform the appropriate people that the structure of the dam has moved.

The Laser Microgage product is well proven and has had no difficulties in this application.  The enclosures and mounting hardware are designed and fabricated with the system will be easy to set-up and built rugged enough to avoid vandalism.  Furthermore, the system is portable and can be easily moved and installed on other sites for similar measurements.

Technical Specifications

  • Remote measurement can be made over 100+ feet away,
  • Precise measurement of moving structures with a sensitivity of 0.001 inch or less,
  • Measurements made in two directions; up/down and left/right,
  • Fast digital processing is easy to see results and interface to control areas,
  • No moving parts or elements to wear or break,
  • Easily set-up on site and adapted to other sites for measurement,
  • Well-built, durable hardware will provide years of reliable use.

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