Putting the Custom in Customer Service

We often receive inquiries from companies who are looking for help in developing a custom solution for a particular application. These inquiries come from both existing customers looking to perform additional duties with their Pinpoint systems and new companies looking to improve their manufacturing efficiency for the first time. We take pride in helping companies […] Read more ›

Microgage PRO Overview.

2 Reasons Why Your Team Should Upgrade to a PRO System

If your team is looking for a faster, more versatile way to align your equipment, you need to consider upgrading to a Microgage PRO Alignment System. Pinpoint Laser Systems has two simple reasons why the PRO should be your go-to laser alignment tool: The Smart Display Wireless technology Using the Smart Display and eliminating lengthy […] Read more ›

PRO Spindle Alignment Kit

Spindle Alignment Made Easy with New PRO Spindle Kit

Pinpoint Laser Systems® is launching the Microgage PRO Spindle Alignment Kit allowing rotating machinery and turning systems to be properly aligned in less time and at a lower cost than current aligning methods. Machine shops, manufacturing plants, and factories will benefit from this versatile, turnkey kit as it makes short work of checking concentricity on […] Read more ›

alignment software capture

Pinpoint Laser Systems Announces Next Edition of Capture™ Data Accessory

The Next Edition of Pinpoint’s Alignment Software is Here With more power at a user’s fingertips, the enhanced features of the next generation of alignment software is well worth the wait. Pinpoint Capture™, for Microgage laser measuring and alignment systems, gives laser system operators quick and easy access to measurement readouts in real-time from as many […] Read more ›

Laser Alignment Gantry Kit

How to Solve the Toughest Gantry Alignment Problems for Less

 If you work in manufacturing, chances are you have worked with a gantry system. Gantries, their X-Y tables and bridges are pivotal for working with positioning parts and tools. In addition to working with large and small components, gantry machines make the work of cutting materials into intricate shapes and patterns far easier than their […] Read more ›

A Gantry Alignment Overview

Discover the right way to measure gantry systems without wasting time and resources. Positioning systems are used in manufacturing plants to create household items, move important components, to connect continuous machinery and more. The gantry systems, Cartesian robots to some, are a fascinating unit of automated production lines, since gantry stations control parts of the […] Read more ›

checking for straightness

CNC Machine Laser Alignment for the “Every Man”

Application: Straightness and linear measurement solutions for CNC equipment Aligning most CNC machinery can be critical for proper performance. If your goals in aligning CNC mills, lathes and gantries is to ensure accuracy or simply to prevent machine tool wear, a laser alignment system is the most precise way to do this. Alignment in setting up […] Read more ›

90 Line D Alignment

New Product Spotlight: Pinpoint 90-Line-D

Pinpoint is Rolling Out a 90-Degree Field of View for Your Alignment Projects The 90-Line-D is Pinpoint’s newest innovation for aligning and checking planer squareness and parallelism on assemblies, machinery and equipment. There’s no fuss adding this custom-built accessory to your Microgage laser alignment system. The precision alignment results will make your alignment projects run […] Read more ›

Roll Alignment System

“Stop The Press!” and Check Your Anxiety Levels

This Month’s Featured Solution: Roll Alignment The sound of management pulling the plug on a roll, web or converting line has flooded many a vein with ice water. Very little good news comes from machine downtime. However, issues with conveyor belt systems are too costly to ignore. Often, a roll assembly is out of alignment […] Read more ›

earth's magnetic field

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Alignment

Alignment can feel like just another task. Take a break from the ordinary and see 6 interesting things about alignment that you probably didn’t know.   1.) Animals are concerned with alignment too. From amphibians to mammals, Magneto-reception is found in many animals. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, cows prefer to align their bodies […] Read more ›

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